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The Complete
Upgrade Your
on DVD!
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10 volumes on 10 DVDs
approx. 13 hrs. total
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Finally, an easy-to-use resource that helps everyday students dramatically upgrade their everyday writing! Video Aided Instruction’s Upgrade Your Writing DVD series is like a virtual writing clinic on DVD. It helps middle school students through adults (especially challenged learners requiring remediation) to express themselves more effectively; improve their command of grammar, usage, and mechanics; meet (and exceed) the requirements of their assignments; focus on their purpose and their audience; and develop a writing style that’s smooth, engaging, and truly their own!

With these unique programs, viewers will
master the tricks of:
  • brainstorming and getting ideas down on paper
  • turning a jumble of ideas into a structured outline
  • beating procrastination and treating “blinking cursor syndrome”
  • writing sentences that are varied, interesting, and grammatically correct
  • constructing paragraphs that hang together cohesively and are divided logically
  • guiding the reader gracefully from each point to the next
  • writing captivating introductions and compelling conclusions
  • excelling in poetry, short stories, and other creative writing assignments
  • learning new words by using roots, prefixes, suffixes, context clues, word cards, etc.
  • avoiding errors in spelling, punctuation, agreement, word choice, and other areas
  • and much, much more!
Now students can avoid the kind of incoherent, disorganized, and error-laden writing that inspires teachers to break out the proverbial red pen: they can finally learn to articulate their ideas effectively and actually upgrade their writing!

NOTE: The 10 DVDs in this invaluable series make ideal self-study aids, and they’re also the ultimate resources for educators (teachers, professors, administrators, etc.) who wish to further their own professional development, provide in-service training for their staff members, or supplement and enhance their classroom lessons.

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the 10 programs in the
Upgrade Your Writing Series are:

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