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Upgrade Your Communications Skills at Work: Meetings
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Upgrade Your Communication Skills at Work:
1 DVD  ·  1 hr. 12 mins.
item #VAI-5242  ·  price $39.95
isbn 9781573852425
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Let’s face it: many of us groan at the idea of having to sit through yet another meeting. But meetings don’t have to be boring or a waste of time. In this program, you’ll learn how to make sure that every meeting you attend — or lead — actually solves problems, avoids conflicts, stays on task, and gets things done. Plus, you’ll discover expert meeting tips that will make you the MVP (Most Valuable Participant) on your team.

This program includes:
  • an analysis of the most common types of meetings
  • expert advice for planning a successful meeting: how to prepare an agenda, invite the right people, and more
  • the best strategies for running a productive meeting: how to keep on schedule, encourage participation, and accomplish your goals
  • proven techniques for brainstorming ideas and resolving issues
  • sample meeting dialogues that illustrate key concepts
  • ...and much more!
Now you can communicate more effectively with your coworkers, managers, customers, suppliers, and other business contacts. Whether your company has 3 employees or 3,000, whether you want to keep your job or get a new one, Video Aided Instruction can help you climb the ladder to success!
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